Strong communities are the backbone of healthy aging.

We are helping build meaningful partnerships that support and promote healthy aging in communities throughout New Hampshire.

Our Collective


Change the conversation

about aging across all sectors of the community.

Change public policy

to promote a strong, stable infrastructure for aging.

Change practice

across public and private sectors to improve care and support for older adults, their families and their communities.



To create communities in New Hampshire that advance culture, policies and services which support older adults and their families, providing a wide range of choices that advance health, independence and dignity.




Our goal is to raise our collective voice in support of the aging population in New Hampshire, promoting a strong, stable infrastructure for advocating for older adults in our state.

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We are honored to have the participation of over 265 stakeholders statewide, representing over 170 organizations within New Hampshire.

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Get involved.

Energy and passion for creating communities across NH where older adults are offered a wide range of choices to advance health, independence and dignity is all it takes to get involved. Whether you are young or old, working or retired, we believe you can help.

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Coming of Age In An Aging America
What will it mean for us to grow up, live and age in a society where half the citizens are over the age of 50? This phenomena spans across the globe, and is a new and permanent historic transformation. This clip outlines: Coming of Age in Aging America, a PBS documentary broadcast, multi-platform media and public engagement project that urges a national conversation about our new reality.
Millennials Show Us What ‘Old’ Looks Like – Disrupt Aging
What age do you consider to be old? AARP posed that question to millennials and asked them to show us what “old” looks like. Then we introduced them to some real “old” people. Watch what happens when folks let go of their outdated beliefs and embrace the idea that aging is not about decline - it’s about growth.
New Hampshire: A Great Place to Grow Up and Grow Old
Dr. Yvonne Goldsberry talks about age-friendly communities in New Hampshire including what being an age friendly community means and how being age-friendly benefits NH residents.
Gray is the New Green: Tapping Into the Older Workforce in NH
There's an untapped portion of the workforce: older people nearing retirement age. As New Hampshire faces low unemployment rates and an aging population, it's time for employers to fully understand and tap into the talents of older workers.