Let’s change the conversation about aging in the 603

Even a casual reader of their local newspaper has seen the headlines in publications across our state.  Attention grabbers in bold, large type which read: “NH’s aging population poses serious challenges,” and “Caring for a rapidly aging state.”  Once you go past those provocative headers, you will read quotes from local experts about our state’s “gray demographic” and the subsequent rising costs- health care, housing, supportive services- of being the second oldest state in the U.S., only behind our northern neighbors in Maine.

Rethinking the Future of Our Communities

As more of us live longer, healthier lives, New Hampshire faces a powerful opportunity to rethink the future of our communities. So many of us continue to have so much to offer as we age, but many of our current policies, structures, and cultural assumptions fail to take advantage of the new realities of an […]