How do I start volunteering?

Just use our information map to find the volunteer driver program (VDP) closest to you and give them a call! They will walk you through everything you need to get started!

How does this affect my car insurance?

The State of NH prohibits insurance companies from raising your rates, just because you are a volunteer driver. Some volunteer driver programs also provide drivers with additional umbrella insurance.

Will I get reimbursed for my mileage?

Every agency is different, but many organizations reimburse their volunteers up to the federal mileage, which is currently $0.585 per mile.

How do rides get assigned to Volunteer Drivers?

Some volunteer driver programs dispatch their rides and assign them to drivers on days that they agree to drive. Other agencies let drivers select the rides based on their availability, usually through a web-based portal that drivers access with a username and password.

How much time do I have to commit to volunteering?

Most agencies don’t have a minimum time commitment, and some have a suggested number of selected rides.

Am I supposed to help the riders at their appointments?

Most agencies limit activities to driving only, therefore you would not be helping riders at their appointments. Some Caregivers-style programs do provide other volunteer services as well. Talk to your local agency to find out exactly what they’re looking for!

Do I have to go through a background check?

Yes, to ensure everyone’s safety, volunteer drivers undergo background checks and are provided some training by their agencies. Typically, agencies will check at least your criminal and driving records. You will be trained on your agency’s service guidelines and any ride scheduling software that they use.